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  We appreciate your interest in participating for a chance to win one of our Holiday Giveaway prizes.  Thank you for following @ShopAtAvisPope on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and subscribing on Youtube.  You can also join our Facebook Event.  Instructions are listed below for you to participate for a chance to win:


1.  Share our Holiday Giveaway promotions that we post on social media.  When you share them on your social media profiles, please tag @ShopAtAvisPope and three of your friends.  You may share any of our giveaway promotions as many times as you like.


2.  After you win, please take a few photos of you holding the giveaway prize, and email them to us (optional).  Your photos may be shared on our website and on our social media profiles.


For questions about our giveaways or to email us your photos after you win:

Email:  Giveaways@AvisPope.com

Our Holiday Giveaway prizes include retail gift cards, restaurant gift cards, and designer perfumes/colognes. 

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