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Poems listed are originals by Avis Pope.  © Copyright. 




A Powerful Woman


A powerful woman is a true lady

who’s honest and loyal.

She is a woman of integrity

and given the highest respect of royal.


A powerful woman is a virtuous woman

whose steps are guided by God’s light.

She is connected to the most high

through daily prayers that lead to the night.


A powerful woman is someone you can rely on,

and she supports her King.

She will make sacrifices for anyone she loves

and will bring you under her wing.


When a powerful woman walks into a room

she is noticed as they stare.

A strong man admires a powerful woman

and recognizes that she is rare.


A powerful woman proudly

wears her invisible crown.

She is not envious of other powerful women

so you never see a jealous frown.


A powerful woman shows

compassion for people in need.

She will gladly offer her assistance

because she wants you to succeed.


--Original Poem By:  Avis Pope--

© Copyright

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