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    Thank you for your interest
in wanting me to shine
the spotlight on YOU!
  Featured Spotlight



The Featured Spotlight includes the following:


1.)  You will be featured on the website's Home page for one month.


2.)  A Blog entry will be created, which will include a review by AvisPope.com.


3.)  Your professional picture and/or logo will be added to the Picture Gallery.


4.)  An e-blast will be sent out to our VIP Subscribers to notify them about your Featured Spotlight. 


Authors, singers/spoken-word artists, directors/actors, models, and comedians:  Please provide Avis Pope a complimentary-autographed copy of your book, music CD, movie, or video for review. 


Restaurant owners:  Invite Avis Pope and a guest to visit your restaurant to sample a new dish or the most popular item on your menu. 


We receive a lot of submissions, and thank you for your interest.  However, we will only contact you in the event we are interested in making you a Featured Spotlight.  Any information mailed to us will not be returned and will become the property of AvisPope.com. 

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If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Email FeaturedSpotlight@AvisPope.com









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