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Angel Avis,
Congrats on your business success. I enjoy working with you. God will continue to bless those who seek his Kingdom first. Stay blessed and stay prosperous.
Your friend,

Website: www.jesseraudales.com
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I would like to thank Avis for her professionalism and promptness in dealing with the marketing and promotional blitz that has come to be very effective. L.A. Beats Entertainment would like to thank you for your attentiveness in handling the L.A. Beats Entertainment Account.
Richard Givens,
L.A. Beats Entertainment
Website:  www.LAbeats.com

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Hey there,
In this time of need for black role models, I am glad to see that you are taking the message to the streets!!! If we don’t help ourselves then why should we expect anyone else to!!!
Dreams Come True Only If You Believe!
Eric B.

To Anyone Considering Using Avis Pope's Business Services:
Consider it no more. I too have benefited from her talents. I am also in the marketing/advertising/online entertainment business. The suggestions, corrections, concepts and graphic layouts that Avis has done for NJS West! are invaluable. There is no financial amount that could truly "pay" for the services she provides, because her services far out value what she charges.  In marketing, advertising and entertainment, graphic imagery, perception and layout are everything. It can make or break your business.  Avis does consulting, layout and so much more...effortlessly!  Not to mention the person herself: Avis Pope is one of the kindest, most intelligent, well-spoken individuals you will meet. Her gifts and talents are awe-inspiring. Again, a personal thanks to Avis Pope and the Avis Business Services staff for their keen contributions to NJS West! All that I want NJS West! to be and accomplish will be done by her strong foundation and contributions. I am forever grateful.
Best Regards,
Keith "ZappMan" Crenshaw of NJS West!

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