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BLOG/REVIEW:  Saving Our Children, Janice Lowery, Founder/CEO



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Review Date:  November 1, 2007

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My mission is to make the African American communities in our country aware of the
plight of these children, and to make them
a community/national priority.
--Janice Lowery, Founder/CEO

I'm proud to put my spotlight on Saving Our Children.  In March 2007, Saving Our Children was founded by Janice Lowery.  With so many missing children in the world, I was astonished to find out that 33% of these missing children are African American.  After learning more about their positive movement, I was honored to assist them in bringing awareness to this much-needed effort.  Please visit their website often.  By doing so, you may recognize one of the many pictures posted of missing children.  If you do, please notify the authorities immediately. Their website also provides helpful tips for raising kids, a memorial page, stories of hope, and so much more. 


Every 40 seconds a child is reported as missing
in the United States; that’s over 2,100 per day.

33% of these missing children are African American.

Over 800,000 children are reported missing each year,
while another 500,000 are missing, but are not reported

We are committed to Saving Our Children.

It's time for a change!


About Saving Our Children:  Saving Our Children is a program that was developed in March 2007, by Janice Lowery, to bring awareness to the epidemic rate of missing and abducted African American children in this country.  African American children receive the least amount of exposure when they are missing, thereby limiting the process of a quick response and ultimately, recovery. Our goal is to enlighten the nation that children, regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status or age, should be counted as the highest priority when labeled missing.


Saving Our Children is endeavoring to increase the response time of law enforcement and other government agencies when dealing with listing and searching for missing African American children.  In addition to educating individuals on how to contact the necessary agencies to begin the process if a child is missing.  We are committed to Saving Our Children.

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