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BLOG/WE CARE:  Hurricane Katrina

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About The Cause:   At 6:00 AM on August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the Louisiana coast. It was a powerful Category 4 storm. The National Hurricane Center warned that "some levees in the greater New Orleans area could be overtopped."  Hurricane Katrina is one of the biggest natural disasters in American history.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of those injured and killed.  I personally thank everyone for their continued support to help others.  If you would like to assist in this effort, please send your donations directly to the American Red Cross or other agency.

Books Related to Hurricane Katrina:

Come Hell Or High Water: Hurricane Katrina and The Color of Disaster - Michael Eric Dyson


Disaster: Hurricane Katrina and the Failure of Homeland Security - Christopher Cooper, Robert Block


Hurricane Katrina - Mary Ann Hoffman


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Please send your donations directly to the American Red Cross or other agency.  You may also give blood or volunteer.
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