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BLOG/REVIEW:  Focusing On Your Dreams, Steven H. Lewis, Author and Three-Time World Karate Champion


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Review Date:  April 13, 2007

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I truly enjoyed reading "Focusing on Your Dreams."  The Author Steven H. Lewis was very open and honest about his life’s failures.  He shared great insight on how he successfully overcame limitations and struggles. I can see how his failures were only stepping stones to his great success.  I found myself cheering for his successes at the end.  Steven is a three-time world karate champion.  Because of his excellent concentration and focus, he has done incredible stunts including breaking twelve bricks with his hand.  He even jumped over seven men who were lined up, but before he touched the ground, he broke three boards with his foot by doing a flying side kick.  He set a record for doing a double front kick, breaking a board held nine feet in the air with his foot.  It was because of his amazing airborne abilities that he earned the nickname Steven "the human fly" Lewis.  He has broken many records in martial arts as sanctioned by the North American Association of Martial Arts.  Even with all his great success, Steven was never too busy to give back to others.  I appreciate so much how he always gave back to the community, even teaching karate to neighborhood children who were unable to pay for his services. In his book, Steven shared the importance of setting goals and staying focused on them.  He emphasized the need to create good habits.  Some of these habits include making a daily list of items to focus on, being self-disciplined, making sacrifices, surrounding yourself by people who want to see you succeed, and most importantly having a good spiritual foundation.  His book has many tools that you can use to become successful and to maintain your success.  I encourage parents to read this book to your young children, and purchase it for your teenagers to read.   



Steven H. Lewis

Author and
Three-Time World Karate Champion

As I wrote in "Focusing on Your Dreams", I was a very mischievous child, my misconduct followed me for many years, but as time went by there were also positive changes that went along with it. Making quality changes in your life will improve your character and modify your behavior. You will become magnanimous in character and self-respect. Where there is less tension and more optimism builds a brighter future and also builds strong character.

Building your character will give you an extended look at your future; you’ll become ecstatic with your outcome. Organize your thoughts and initiate what’s more important to you. Organizing your thoughts will also help you recover from failures. To re-think and overcome is the key. Don’t get struck on the situation, the solution is more important. This will give you more of an optimistic outlook. I have experienced many set backs in my life. I feel very strongly about my recovery from the many failures in my life. To me I feel recovery is to move on and set yourself apart from anything that is hindering you from prospering also to learn and grow beyond your present situation.


Apply yourself and you’ll surly rise to all occasions. Rising to the occasion also mean stepping up to the plate and swinging for the fence and hitting a grand slam home run driving all your dreams into foreseen. When striving to be your very best, you should always swing for the fence, it will surly increase your winning attitude and certainly put you in the winners circle, the circle of champions, the circle in which you belong. So don’t settle for less be the best in all that you do and remember your future is counting on you. I’m a very observant person. I’m always looking for ways to improve myself. It’s unfortunate during my journey to continued success that I often meet or hear people that are in bad or not the best situation. The sad part about this is they have no desire to change.


I’ve even heard some to say there’s no hope, so why try. There is always hope in all that you go after; the key is to go after it. To hope is to believe. In this case you have to remove your doubts before you make any attempts towards your future. You can’t be in doubt when striving for success nor is there any room for fear. These two areas will handicap your progress. Get a grip on whatever is slowing you down or stopping your forward progress. These areas must be removed from your thought process. If you are experiencing any of these areas in your life don’t try to cover it up, you need to meditate on the problem and get the answer to overcome it, you need to mentally process it and remove it from your way of thinking.

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