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When God is directing your footsteps
in a certain direction, don't hesitate...just go! 

Quote by Avis Pope


Don't Hesitate...Just Go!


My nickname is Angel Avis because I love helping others.  During high school, I worked for the American Red Cross, which was a job I truly enjoyed.  I have compassion for people and strive to do as much as I can to help others in need.  I learned at an early age that I was not in control of everything as it relates to my life.  Whenever God directs my footsteps in a certain direction, I don't hesitate...I just go! 


Today I sensed that I was being directed into a business, but I was unaware of the type of business it was until later.  After a pleasant conversation with Linda Rogers, Executive Director, and other staff, I learned that it was a family-oriented emergency shelter and resource center for the homeless.  It was incorporated in 1989 as a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.  The more I learned about the positive things that they were doing to help families in need, I immediately wanted to be a part of it.  Besides, helping the homeless is something I have strived to do since a child.  Their business motto is: To Teach…To Train…To Restart Lives!  I am truly honored to now be one of the volunteers at Valley Restart providing Marketing and Administrative Services. 


Valley Restart operates 24/7 providing essential services to families, adults, and children who lack basic resources to sustain themselves within the community.  They help families who may have been evicted because of unemployment; the spouse is in an abusive situation, which has put the family in peril; a recovering alcoholic needs to find employment and save for housing; and families whose food money does not last to the end of the month.  Their Program Components include: emergency shelter, emergency food boxes, a community evening meal, intensive case management, housing information and rental assistance, referrals to community resources such as the Department of Public Social Services, the Social Security Administration, Veterans Benefits, and sources for medical and mental health assistance, as well as their Bus Ticket Home Program, which allows those who have found themselves homeless in Hemet, CA to return to where they have a base of financial and emotional support.  Valley Restart is currently 96% successful in moving people to a higher level of self-sufficiency and independence by providing programs and counseling aimed at restructuring their lives. 


The world needs more people to care about the homeless.  You can help Valley Restart, and be a part of something truly positive and spectacular…helping families to restart their lives!  You can help by making a monthly, quarterly, or annual monetary pledge; volunteering at the center in Hemet, CA; advocating for Valley Restart to local legislators; providing business opportunities for Valley Restart and/or jobs for their participants; and having a fundraising event.  Learn more about Valley Restart by visiting their website at www.ValleyRestart.info. Please follow Valley Restart on Twitter. 

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