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54 Ways You Can Help The Homeless


I love helping others.  I encourage you to join me in the Homeless We Care Challenge.  I created this positive challenge in order to bring more awareness to issues surrounding the homeless and homeless pets.  I help homeless shelters spread the word about the positive things that they are doing to help the homeless worldwide.  Please like Homeless We Care on Facebook.  On Twitter, you can follow Homeless We Care, Avis Pope Cares, and Volunteers Care.  These positive profiles were created to shine a positive light on people who help the homeless and volunteer.  


Earl Nightingale said, "The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfillment."


While searching the internet, I came across a book that provides some really important information on how you can assist the homeless. The title of the book is "54 Ways You Can Help The Homeless" written by Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff (published in 1993).


 1.   Understand Who The Homeless Are

 2.   Educate Yourself About The Homeless

 3.   Respect The Homeless As Individuals

 4.   Buy This Book

 5.   Respond With Kindness

 6.   Carry Fast-Food Certificates

 7.   Develop Lists of Shelters

 8.   Buy Street News

 9.   Bring Food

10.  Give Money

11.  Give Recyclables

12.  Give Proceeds From A Craft Sale

13.  Give Clothing

14.  Give A Bag of Groceries

15.  Give Toys

16.  Give Welcome Kits

17.  Give A Portion of Party Expenses

18.  Give This Book

19.  Volunteer At A Shelter

20.  Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen

21.  Volunteer Your Professional Talents

22.  Volunteer Your Hobbies

23.  Volunteer For Follow Up Programs

24.  Tutor Homeless Children

25.  Take Homeless Children On Trips

26.  Bring A Meal To The Homeless

27.  Organize A Thrift Shop

28.  Volunteer At Battered Women's Shelters

29.  Volunteer Job Training

30.  Teach About The Homeless

31.  Publish Shelter Information

32.  Enlist Community Organizations As Advocates

33.  Educate Your Children About The Homeless

34.  Sign Up Your Company/School

35.  Recruit Local Businesses

36.  Ask Your Clergy To Help

37.  Suggest Your Congregation Offer Tithes

38.  Create Lists of Needed Donations

39.  Teach Their Friends

40.  Collect Toys And Games For Donations

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